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A Bit About Me

​I endured a series of life-altering moments at a young age. I learned how to constantly pick myself up, and keep moving. I have always been an emotionally-understanding human, and have always known when my connections with people were genuine. 

The obstacles put on my path have over time, allowed me to rediscover my true powers, and regain my strength. I now want to help others get a chance to experience that same discovery within themselves by coaching them along the way.

I believe I have been here before, and I have come back with the gift of compassion, to aid in healing and unveiling the same powers in others.


Life Experience









On October 6th, I was reborn as Ravynn Shanell!

(By clicking on my birth chart in my bio, you will be prompted to add me on Co-Star to see the rest of my astrological chart!

Sometime between 94' - 95' I experienced my first shift in what I didn't know would impact my childhood development. My parents got a divorce. It was my sister, my mom, and me for a couple of years. Eventually, my mom got remarried, and our little family of 3, became a family of 6!

The first moment I discovered what depression was, and how it was affecting me. I remember crying to my mom expressing how I hated my life and did not want to live on earth any longer. After seeing my mom's reaction, I contained my despair and kept fighting. 

After a traumatic event at school, I decided to do homeschool. I worked hard and obtained all my mandatory credits early, but decided to re-enroll at my local high school so my grandparents could see me graduate on stage. While I was re-enrolled, I started taking online college classes. For the first time, I felt like I knew what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to be.  

After graduating high school, while being enrolled in art school, I did what any young adult would do. I partied! I experimented with drugs and met new people from outside cities, I explored as much as I could, because I knew once I graduated college, my career would begin.

I graduated college and earned my associate's degree in fashion design! After many internships and apprenticeships. It took 5 Buses (30 mi one way) every day, to get me to work as a receptionist at a denim company. I was determined to work my way up, and I did. I quickly became a design assistant! I got my first car, things were looking good. Soon after I found out I was pregnant and my life changed forever. 

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! This was one of the most challenging times of my life. My depression was heightened by Postpartum and my living conditions. Although I was no longer a teen, I was still a young adult, giving up my career to meet the demands of motherhood alone. 

After more traumatic life-altering moments and emotional challenges, I learned that my son was labeled with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This was relieving for me to know. I had a better understanding of why we were struggling so much. Although he is high-functioning, I still struggled to keep a job, while tending to his needs. After a couple of years, I found a reliable job, that helped us get off of couches, and into our own apartment! 







Despite the freedom, being responsible for more finances alone, on top of my son's needs mentally weighed me down. I was desperately looking for resources and help for myself, and gaining more clarity of my source of depression. I began learning more about cognitive behavior. I became passionate about Mental Illness, thus starting my journey in advocating mental wellness. In October of 2020, I officially became certified as a life and health coach.



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