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This 90 Day Journal Prompt Guide was designed to help you delve into your subconscious programming to create connections with your inner self!


You can start this Challenge at any time!


This Challenge series includes a total of 540 questions, with 180 prompts for each 30-day period.


The daily structure involves answering a total of six questions: three in the morning and three at night.


This volume of journal prompts will focus on your sense of security, exploring potential fears, grounding practices, identifying stress triggers, understanding your energy, and addressing self-doubt or low self-esteem.


+ Journal Prompt Question Overview (All 180 Prompts)

+ Journal Prompt Tracker

+ Daily Prompt Question

+ Daily Affirmation

+ To-Do List

+ Mood Meter

+ Daily Intentions

+ Monthly Review

90 Days of Journal Prompts Vol. 1

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