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Ravynn's purpose extends beyond individual transformation; it's rooted in fostering a sense of community and collective well-being. She firmly believes that with support and love, everyone can thrive and contribute positively to the world. By connecting with individuals one at a time, Ravynn aims to spread love, encourage wellness, and nurture prosperity, while also raising vibrations for inner peace and personal power, starting with cultivating a healthy balanced mindset.


with a fervent interest in behaviors and mental development, Ravynn continually delves into the depths of all aspects of the mind, seeking to unravel the roots of mental blocks and how they affect the body. through her integrative approach, Ravynn leverages hypnotherapy, life coaching, breathwork, and energy work to address a wide range of challenges. 

since embarking on this journey in 2019, she has honed her expertise in stress management, self-mastery, and heart-opening healing. In her practice, Ravynn attentively listens to her clients' concerns, considers their unique circumstances, and collaborates with them to craft personalized plans tailored to their deepest desires. whether it's career success, creativity, past traumas, or overcoming fears and phobias, Ravynn offers guidance and support to help individuals break through barriers, cultivate self-esteem, and achieve self-mastery. ultimately, Ravynn's mission is to empower individuals to remember their true purpose and activate their full potential, guiding them toward a life filled with peace, confidence, and fulfillment.



  • career success

  • childbirth

  • communication

  • creative blocks

  • discipline + focus

  • dreams

  • emotional balance

  • energy healing

  • fears + phobias 

  • forgiveness

  • goal setting

  • habit change

  • improve health

  • insomnia

  • lack of motivation

  • low self esteem

  • manifestation

  • mindfulness

  • past life regression

  • problem solving

  • procrastination

  • relaxation

  • self awareness

  • trauma


Certified Life Coach
Health Coach Institute 2020

Certified Health Coach (C.HC)
Health Coach Institute 2020

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Reiki Level One Attunement in Usui System 
of Natural Healing 2022

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy (C.HT)
Hypnosis Motivation Institute 2023
AHA Professional Member
American Hypnosis Association 2022

Breathwork Facilitator
David Elliott Level One Training 2022


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